1A LATO  ( 2016) 


Aside is a photographic project made of 25 shots projected on a wall through a slide show orchestrated with wind audio simulation.

The intent is to create a poetic dialogue between memories and life, spaces and vacuums, presences and absences.


Time seems not to exist, the rationale experience of the life cycle changes perspective, faded in between real shapes and virtual emotions, fearless or mandatory distances.

In between air and concrete are drowned faces and sights to go beyond the architectural boundaries, to animate sentiments, as they were claiming for life.

Colours sign the desire to melt the intangible with the real in the magic attempt of securing fragments, affections, memories.


The photographic path it’s mirrored by the uncompleted work from Architect Aldo Rossi in the set of the cemetery of San Cataldo in Modena.

The project will be presented on the 16th of June at the Foro Boario, during the Summer Show 2016 organized by the Contemporary Show of the Fondazione Fotografica di Modena, titled Lo Stato delle Cose.