"His heart was in constant and turbulent revolt. The most grotesque and fantastic ambitions hunted him at night in bed. His brain weaved a universe of ineffable luxury as the clock ticked on the sink and the moon bathed in light his clothes piled on the floor. Every night he grew this intertwining of fantasies until drowsiness closed with a careless embrace on some vivid scene. For some time these daydreams gave him an outlet for his imagination; they were a satisfactory indication of the unreality of reality, a promise that the firmness of the world was certainly founded on the wings of a fairy. "

Francis Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby

Chapter 6, 1925

Garden of mind, è un progetto fotografico realizzato durante la mia residenza d’artista in Sri Lanka alla One World Foundation nel novembre 2016.


Garden of mind, is a photographic project in progress , realized during my artist residency in Sri Lanka at the One World Foundation in November 2016.

Great experience as a RESIDENCE OF ARTISTS IN SRI LANKA in Ahungalla as a guest of the One World Foundation in november 2016. Selected by Master Photography Foundation of Modena, Italy, course in contemporary imagery, the residency carried out by Francesca Ferrari combined the artistic side with teaching: beside creating works of her own, conceived and developed during the residency, Francesca taught photography in a course at the school One World Foundation.

Credo nel potere di volare senza ali

Negare la geometria

Far ridere una montagna

Godere l’eleganza delle palme

Sorprendersi uguali

Nutrire una spugna

Bere lentezza

Dare precedenza alle formiche

Polverizzare distanze

Catturare pensieri tra cespugli

Archiviare nuvole

Essere come acqua"

"I believe in the power of flying without wings

To deny geometry

To make a mountain laugh

To enjoy the elegance of palm trees

To be surprised of been equal

To feed a sponge

To drink slowliness

To give priority to ants

To disintegrate distance 

To catch thoughts in the bushes

To file clouds

To be like water